Pearl of the Mediterranean

Crete ... To describe this island in two words is not an easy task. The Island is a unique world. It is a self-sufficient island. And to call it like this will never be an exaggeration!


Crete is great. The largest Greek island. Traveling to it, you make a real trip around the world! The island is famous not only for the best beaches.


Here you will find everything! And the snow-capped peaks of high mountains, and vast fertile valleys, and picturesque lakes, and cool forests. The nature of Crete is rich and amazing, but the main asset of the island is still its people.

Nowhere in the world will you will be greeted with such joy and sincere warmth! No matter where you come from, you will feel at home. The hospitality of the locals, centuries-old traditions, a leisurely, calm and full of simple joys lifestyle will make you fall in love with this island!


A new world awaits you, welcome to Crete!

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7, Zografou, 712 01, Iraklio,

Crete, Greece