Audio guide Labrys

Audio guide "Labrys"

Labrys - unique Audio guide

To see the top sites in Greece, to enjoy the most exciting tours in private format, and all this as cheap as chips? Yes! Now its possible!


With audio guide based on IZI Travel platform you will hear the most interesting content about Greek mainland and the islands! Just click the link below, install the application on your smartphone and download the tours you are interested in! Private tours have never been so affordable before!


With the Labrys audio guide, your vacation is truly YOURS! You are free and independent of the schedule of local travel agents, you yourself choose where to go, what to listen to, where to dine and how to relax! Only vivid impressions, the most high-quality and interesting information, the best memories of a vacation!


You yourself are free to choose how to use the "Labrys"


1. The most budget option: travel using public transport with the audio guide "Labrys"

2. Absolute freedom and the best audio tours - Labrys audio guide + rent-a-car

Download the “Labrys” audio guide on the IZI Travel platform to your smartphone and choose the most interesting audio tours!


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